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A Textbook for Cambridge
 The textbook of professors ZIEIT was published at Cambridge University

In 2018 in the publishing house of the University of Cambridge (Great Britain) a book of professors V.I. Talanin and I.E. Talanin “FORMATION OF STRUCTURAL IMPERFECTIONS IN SEMICONDUCTOR SILICON” was issued.

The book is a complete description of the formation and development of the defective structure of the basic material of modern electronics and nanoelectronics.

Cambridge University will use this book as a textbook for training specialists in the field of modeling and programming physical processes in solids.

For details, see

In 2017, the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering prepared and implemented under the editorship of V.I. Talanin issue in the publishing house InTechOpen (Croatia) a collective monograph “NEW RESEARCH ON SILICON – STRUCTURE, PROPERTIES, TECHNOLOGY”. For details, see

In late 2018, the publishing house InTechOpen (Croatia) will be released under the editorship of V.I. Talanin a collective monograph “COMPUTER PROGRAMMING”. For details, see